the category of air blower pump

2020-07-20 18:19
Under the design conditions, the fan with air pressure of 30KPa 200KPa or compression ratio of E = 1.33 belongs to the category of air blower pump . At present, the air ring vacuum pump is generally classified as high-pressure blower in the industry. High pressure blower, also known as high pressure fan, is different from general centrifugal high pressure blower. The high-pressure blower is small and easy to carry. In addition to the impeller, the high-pressure blower has no other moving parts, and the impeller is directly connected to the motor, and there is no gear or drive belt to drive, so it has high reliability and almost maintenance free. zmjt052
High pressure blower applicable industry
Printing machinery, combustion machine, bag blowing machine, film coating machine, plastic ejection machine, fruit making machine, dust collector, environmental machinery, woodworking machinery, hot air generator, powder conveyor, kitchen machinery, dryer, incinerator, thermostat, mechanical cooling, general suction and supply air.
Selection of high pressure blower

air blower
1. It is necessary to determine what function the air blower pumpair blower pump is used on site, whether it is suction or blowing, and find out the pressure flow curve corresponding to the air blower pump; if the curve is misread, sometimes the selected products can not be used;

air blower pump
2. According to the calculated pressure and flow, find the working curve above the working point corresponding to the pressure and flow at the same time on the curve; then select the model of high-pressure blower according to the working curve; as long as it is different at different working sites, the demand for pressure and flow is not the same. Therefore, in order to get relatively accurate data, it is necessary to carry out relevant calculation.
The products have been exported to the United States, France, Canada, Indonesia, Russia, Vietnam, Australia, South Korea, Iran and so on, and have been well received by customers.

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