0.75KW single stage air pump ehs-329 negative

2020-07-21 18:37
Ar pump:
1. Real copper core
All copper movement, source of power, good heart of motor
Copper coil is more heat-resistant, more conductive and better performance than general copper wire!
2. Cold rolled silicon steel
It is made of cold rolled silicon steel sheet by high speed stamping
It has good toughness, bearing capacity and wear resistance, and the hardness of fine steel core is higher

3. High temperature bearing
Adopt high-end high-temperature bearing, large heat-resistant 240C
High strength precision steel die casting, long life, low friction coefficient, good oxygen resistance and aging resistance, durable, wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant metal
4. Precision impeller
The whole die casting of aluminum alloy is adopted and dynamic balance is adopted
Process, electroplating treatment, high overall strength of impeller,
Wear resistance, corrosion resistance, no vibration, low noise.

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