Pneumatic side channel blower

2020-07-17 08:44
Pneumatic side channel blower is widely used in various fields of life and various mechanical equipment, among which cloth cutting bed is one of them.

Pneumatic side channel blower
Application of Pneumatic side channel blower in Fabric Cutting Bed
The high-pressure fan specially designed for high-performance cloth cutting machines of Pneumatics can operate stably and efficiently for a long time. In addition to effectively organizing foreign objects into the body of the cutting machine through the sealing ring, it can also attract the fabric by strong suction and fix it flatly on the machine tool, so that the accuracy of the fabric cutting process is higher and can be carried out on the machine tool. Graphic cropping to avoid waste.
In addition, the important role of the side channel blower in the fabric cutting bed is that the high-pressure fan can ensure the blowing effect, blow away the volatile materials and smoke of the fabric, and make the quality of the fabric cut better.

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