Does explosion-proof blower fan need to be cleaned often

2022-08-01 15:43

explosion-proof blower

is not often used by enterprises at ordinary times, relatively speaking, its maintenance work can not be less.
It is necessary to check often whether the air filter is clean. If it is dirty, the air filter can be removed, the butterfly nut can be unscrewed, the cover removed, and the filter sponge can be cleaned.
In the inspection, try not to ignore the inspection of the lubrication system, check whether the oil storage in the tank is lower than the minimum line, if the oil is insufficient, please add oil.
Check whether the oil is mixed with moisture and other dirt and deterioration. Check whether the dripping condition of the oil drip nozzle is normal. If the oil drip nozzle is dirty, remove the adjusting screw and clean it.

The inspection and cleaning of lubrication system is essential to maintain explosion-proof blower.
The flexibility of explosion-proof high pressure fan is often the most frequent failure of explosion-proof blower, such as inflexible please clean and debug to ensure reliable opening and closing.
Check for leakage and repair. If not, please inform the supplier immediately.
Clean the high pressure air room, keep it clean and well ventilated. Check the operation of explosion-proof high pressure fan and motor, such as noise, abnormal temperature to stop maintenance in time.
Of course, when maintaining the explosion-proof blower, we should also understand the components of the high pressure fan to do better.
Each component of explosion-proof high pressure fan has its reason for existence.
For example, the blade of the high-pressure fan, in addition to its role of low energy consumption, can also improve the pressure in the pipeline, and strive to maximize the effect of the high-pressure fan.

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