What is the air volume of the side channel blower

2022-08-01 15:41
We often get calls from customers asking if you have any cubic high pressure blowers
At a large scale, tens of thousands of cubic meters or hundreds of thousands of cubic meters, at a small scale, several cubic meters per hour of this kind of blower, the following issue to say.
Because there are many kinds of fans, many people do not understand the difference between each other, the parameters are different, so the place of use is not the same, to buy on demand.
For our kind of side channel blower,
The flow rate of the 2GH series ranges from 80 cubic meters to 2050 cubic meters per hour,
The flow rate of the 4GH series is in the range of 45 to 170 cubic meters per hour, and the pressure of this series is higher.
If it is not in this range, it is necessary to choose other types of blowers
However, it should be noted that this flow is the maximum flow, that is, the flow under the air switch, not the air volume at work.
If one cannot meet the requirements, two sets can be used in series or parallel.
The parameters of other peers are basically the same and can be referred to each other.

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