what does regenerative blower mean

2020-03-27 23:39
what does regenerative blower mean, blowers in the design conditions, wind pressure of 30kPa to 200KPa or compression ratio of e 1.3 to 3 fans belong to the category of high-pressure blowers, the current industry is generally the gas ring vacuum pump classified as high-pressure blowers. High-pressure blowers, also known as high-pressure blowers, are different from general centrifugal high-pressure blowers.
     High-pressure blowers are small and easy to carry;
High-pressure blowers
And impeller directly connected to the motor, no gear or drive belt drive, so high reliability, almost maintenance-free.
The characteristics of the cyclone vacuum cleaner: this dust collector for the company's latest manufacturing,
High-pressure blowers
The use of cyclone dust collector and bag-type vacuum cleaner special expertise, strong suction.
Can be close to dust places to collect dust, can move vacuum, do not need a pipe, save money, greatly improve convenience and mobility.
Suitable for blasting, grinding wheels, carpentry, grinding, cutting... And so on, vacuum powder, cotton chips, wood chips.
When the centrifugal fan is operating, the power machine (mainly the electric motor) drives the impeller to rotate in the worm-shaped enclosure, and the air is drawn in from the center of the impeller through the suction port. Due to the power of the blades on the gas, the pressure and velocity of the gas are increased and the exhaust hull is discharged from the exhaust port along the leaf path under centrifugal force. Because the flow of gas in the impeller is mainly in the radial plane, it is also known as runoff fan. With the progress and development of the times, people are not satisfied with the pressure and air volume requirements of centrifugal wind pump, and the noise of centrifugal wind pump has become a more difficult headache inside the factory. Therefore, Japan first introduced a fully enclosed flow-testing fan, which is now a high-pressure fan (vortex vacuum pump). This fan with its small appearance and noise, for the first time to meet the needs of the society at that time for high-voltage fans. Later, the fan has been upgraded, has developed to a single segment, double segment, three-segment impeller high-pressure fan, and the maximum pressure of the high-pressure fan once refreshed to 230kpa, but this only as the fan's limit pressure. At this time the wind turbine has shown a hundred competition phenomenon, high-pressure blowers in the country soon set off a high tide of wind turbine environmental protection, it is widely used in industry and agriculture, covering infrastructure, environmental protection industry, automotive industry, electroplating industry, aquaculture industry, industrial dust collection, packaging machinery industry, printing machinery industry, plastics industry, chemical industry, food, pharmaceutical industry , medical, electrical and electronic, light industry textile, ship and railway, aerospace engineering, so that our world more environmentally friendly.
Because of the wide spread of high-pressure blowers, their selection is also relatively complex. In general, there are two steps you need to do:
1, need to determine the site is the use of high-pressure blower what function, is suction or blowing, find the corresponding pressure-flow curve of high-pressure blowers;
2, according to the calculated pressure and flow, in the graph to find the work curve above the corresponding working point slot to meet the pressure and flow;
what does regenerative blower mean
As long as it is a different job site, its demand for pressure and flow is not the same, so to obtain relatively accurate data, you need to make relevant calculations. This Suzhou Bellek professional designers can provide you with professional company consultation.

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