Performance characteristics of oxygenated Rotes blowers in t

2020-04-07 14:07
 Why can the aquaculture industry also use Roots blowers? Perhaps some people don't know much about fish pond oxygenation Rotes blowers and don't know what help fish pond oxygenated Rotes blowers can bring to fish farmers. In fact, fish pond oxygenation Rotes blower is an indispensable fishery machinery for fish farmers, the use of oxygen-enhanced Rotes blower can not only improve water quality, but also supply the oxygen needed for fish, more importantly, to promote the oxidation and decomposition of organic matter in the pool, to promote the pool water convection increase the bottom dissolved oxygen, reduce the bottom hydrogen sulfide, ammonia and other harmful substances.
Suzhou oxygen fan in the aquaculture industry outstanding performance characteristics, mainly manifested in the following aspects:
1, fish pond oxygen-enhanced Rotes blower due to the nano-exposure trachea ultra-microcellular pore produced bubbles, in the water body and water contact surface is very large, the upper floating flow rate is low, contact time is long, so oxygen transfer efficiency is very high.
2, fully activated water body: micro-porous aeration oxygenation device, as if the water body into hundreds of millions of streams surge rolling, sufficient dissolved oxygen so that the water body can establish a natural ecosystem, so that the water becomes alive.
3, restore the body of water self-purification function: micro-porous aeration oxygenation is the bottom of the water oxygenation, while other oxygenation is the surface oxygenation, and cultured water body is mainly the bottom of the water oxygen, water body sedimentation of fertilizer mud, organic excreta, residual metamorphosis bait and other inexplicable organic matter, will consume a lot of oxygen, and sufficient micro-porous aeration oxygenation, so that its microorganisms into dissolved decomposition of organic matter, so that the body self-purification function to restore the body of self-purification.
4, due to the use of micro-porous aeration oxygenation device, oxygen transfer efficiency is very high, so that the unit of water dissolved oxygen quickly reached about 4.6mg/L, less than a quarter of the water truck or impeller oxygenation energy consumption, can greatly save the cost of farmers' electricity bills.
5, to achieve ecological breeding, to ensure the benefits of aquaculture: continuous replacement of micro-porous oxygenation for the water body to provide adequate dissolved oxygen, water body self-purification capacity can be restored to improve, bacteria phase, algae natural balance, build the natural ecology of the water body, the survival capacity of the breeding population steadily improve, fully protect the benefits of breeding.
6, safety, environmental protection: micro-porous aeration oxygenation device installed on shore, good safety performance, will not bring any pollution to the water body, other oxygenation is to work in the water, easy to leak electricity, burn the machine, on the human body and fish and shrimp there is a great harm.
7, easy maintenance: Roots blower light, durable, simple and convenient maintenance, energy saving and environmental protection, good maintenance.

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