The principle of side channel blower sucking materials

2020-06-08 18:52
The side channel blower has this outstanding advantage due to its extremely high vacuum suction and outlet pressure, making it very suitable for the use of some suction or pressurized transportation of flammable and explosive gases. Because of its good sealing performance, it is almost There is no leakage, so when the toxic and harmful gases are pumped and pressurized, the hazards can be effectively avoided and reduced.
  The object that the fan sucks the material can be solid, granule, liquid or gas, such as food machinery, vacuum feeder, feed forming machine, robot arm, etc.
The principle of the fan sucking the material: the suction force of the fan is used to generate a vacuum in the reaction axe or vacuum tank, and the material is sucked into the container through the suction pipe of the intake product to facilitate the next process. A filter device needs to be installed at the front of the vortex fan to filter Impurities, impurities are prohibited inside the side channel blower.

The side channel blower is mainly composed of suction nozzles, feed pipes, separators, gas pipes, dust collectors and vortex fans.
The principle of side channel blower sucking materials (picture)
  Advantage of high-pressure blower to suck materials
   1. The equipment is simple and maintenance is easy,
   2. The layout is flexible and easy to adapt to different production environments,
   3. It can run without stopping, and the transmission efficiency is high.
   4. Conveying distance and lifting height to confirm the selection of different types of fans, such as 2.2kw, 3kw, 4kw, 5.5kw, etc.
side channel blower turbo blower regenerative blower air blower vacuum blower blower

Determine the appropriate gas-solid separation device. Choosing the appropriate gas-solid separation device is not only related to the lime nitrogen collection rate and the waste of raw materials; but the uncollected lime nitrogen enters the high-pressure blower with the gas, on the pump cavity wall and the impeller Fouling on the upper surface reduces efficiency and increases energy consumption. At the same time, the entry of lime nitrogen is likely to cause abrasion of the impeller and shaft seal and reduce its service life.
   Appropriate gas-solid separation device should also consider its gas-liquid separation capacity. In the early stage of transformation, we did not adopt the method of water film dust removal, but after the gas exited the reactor, it entered a gas-liquid separator. When driving, it was found that a small amount of reaction liquid was still discharged from the vacuum pump, and the dust removal and liquid removal effects were not very good. Afterwards, the water film dust collector was changed to achieve a very good effect.
   Pneumatic conveying of dry granular and powder materials is currently a more commonly used conveying method, especially in long-distance conveying. The transformation of this project uses high-pressure suction blower to convey lime nitrogen, which effectively solves the problem that the screw feeder is easy to block the material, guarantees the smooth flow of the process, and greatly improves the operating environment, and reduces 3 operators. Good use in actual production.


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