How to correctly read the parameters of Dereike side channel blower

2023-06-16 09:22
How to correctly read the parameters of Dereike side channel blower

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The main parameters of side channel blower selection are: power, wind pressure (requires certain requirements to calculate), voltage, etc.
Due to the wide range of uses, the selection method is the same as that of side channel blowers. In general, you need to do the following two steps:
1. It is necessary to determine what function is used in the field, whether it is suction or blowing, and find the pressure-flow curve corresponding to the side channel blower; if the curve is wrong, sometimes the selected product cannot be used;
2. According to the calculated pressure and flow rate, find the working curve above the working point corresponding to the pressure and flow rate on the graph; then select the high pressure fan model according to the working curve;
As long as they are different job sites, their demand for pressure and flow is different. Therefore, in order to get relatively accurate data, relevant calculations are needed. This needs to be done by a professional designer or by a professional company.
our service
1. The professional sales engineer provides the user with the overall design plan to help the user consult and solve the user's use of the high pressure blower in time;
2, full-time sales staff, to assist users to do a good job in the installation and commissioning of the product and the host;
3, to promote the product performance and maintenance of the oil pipe to the user;
4, the company has sufficient spare parts to ensure that the user equipment can be even maintained and repaired;
5, consult or visit the user's use and make a record, feedback to the relevant departments;
6, the service principle is: to serve customers with excellent service, speed and professional attitude.
Before use, side channel blower products will provide on-site technical support, training and demonstrations in accordance with the customer's written or EMAIL requirements, so that the relevant employees can fully understand and understand the product functions, usage methods and safety concerns. On-site technical service fees are generally not included in our product quotations. In the subsequent use of the entire product, we will provide patient, friendly and enthusiastic technical support to ensure safe use of the room and operational excellence.

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