How to correctly install and remove Dereike vacuum blowers

2021-03-18 17:01
The auxiliary work of the vacuum blowers can only be completed when the construction needs to be cleared or there are other needs. The overall efficiency of the vacuum blowers is still good. It can operate stably and achieve a high degree of clearance, and is a good operating tool. Let me talk about a sequence of installing vacuum blowers:

1. The first is to test all the parts of the product to see if there is any defect, and whether a thin layer of butter is coated on both sides of the paper pad.

2. Make sure the skeleton is filled with butter in the oil seal, then put the butter into the pump base, and then install the bearing, and add a certain proportion of butter to the bearing.
3. Be sure to grease the seal ring on the bushing.
4. The bearing is placed on the motor, and a certain proportion of butter must be injected; after that, put the paper pad, oil retaining ring, etc., and arrange them in order according to the order and finally fix them with screws.
5. Put the paper pad, and lay the pump seat bushing flat on the accessories.
6. Hit the pump head with a wooden hammer or something that can be hit, so that the shaft above bears on the bearing. Until the impeller is waved with one hand, it can rotate flexibly.
7. Put the paper pad down, install the pump casing, fix it with screws and install the filter. Then, the impeller can be rotated flexibly with fingers.

vacuum blowers
A sequence of disassembling the vacuum blowers:
vacuum blowers
1. Remove the motor or fixing plate and air outlet.
2. After removing the volute and leaf nut, the impeller
3. Disassemble the motor base to separate it from the support tube.
    Disassembly and installation can be done in order, and it is strictly prohibited to use hammers or other hammers during the installation or removal of the high-pressure blower, so as not to damage the quality of the device and the performance of the whole machine. The above is a step to properly install and disassemble the high-pressure blower. If users have different uses, they can also use different methods to configure.

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