Application of Dereike air knife Side channel blower drying system in TFT LCD glass substrate cleaning

2020-12-31 09:05
Application of Dereike air knife side channel blower drying system in TFT LCD glass substrate cleaning

Dereike side channel blower blade cleaning system is an important equipment for TFT-LCD liquid crystal glass cleaning and drying. TFT-LCD liquid crystal glass substrate is an important upstream material of liquid crystal panel. Due to the high requirements for its physical and chemical properties, and the strict requirements for its production conditions and production process, the production technology of liquid crystal glass substrate is highly complex. TFT-LCD glass substrate production process in order to make the product to achieve higher product quality, then it is inevitable that the product needs to go through ultrasonic cleaning, then TFT-LCD cleaning belongs to the field of precision cleaning, the cleaning quality and efficiency requirements are very high, this time we need to use Dereike's side channel blower blade drying system. In the past, most LCD factories used ODS cleaner and ultrasonic vapor phase cleaning technology. Under the pressure of speeding up the elimination of ODS cleaner in the world, LCD factories are actively choosing alternative ODS cleaner (or non ODS cleaner). The quality of the LCD to be cleaned by alternative cleaner must not be lower than that of the original ODS cleaner, Even higher, Dereike air knife drying system not only greatly improves the effect, but also greatly improves the qualified rate of products, saving labor costs and energy consumption costs!
In the TFT-LCD cleaning equipment line, most of the old-fashioned equipment in the future generations of cleaning are basically using hot air drying (using heating air, using medium pressure fan to supply hot air, adding cold air to cool the way of drying, and this way not only because of the high heating power consumption, but also high temperature will lead to abnormal product quality, and the efficiency is very high, energy consumption ratio is very high The high-speed fan and Dereike fan are used to solve the problem of high-speed drying Dereike side channel blower and high-speed turbine fan have no oil pollution, high cleanliness and no secondary pollution to the substrate, so they are the preferred drying system for liquid crystal glass cleaning equipment.

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