Blower tutorial:How to install the pressure relief valve and filter

2022-04-13 15:23

Dereike Blower tutorial: How to install the pressure relief valve and filter

Pressure relief valve is a common protection device for side channel  blower
The pressure relief valve principle is to change the axial power of the high pressure blower (ring blower) motor by reducing (increasing) the pressure of the high pressure blower (air blower) according to the corresponding relation between shaft power and pressure of the motor, to effectively protect the motor


The pressure relief valve can be used in positive and negative pressure directions (means it can be used in inlet and also outlet side), mostly it connected through T connection (Three way connection) or other pipe connection.

The pressure relief valve should be kept away from the volatile oil and gas. when installation, please pay attention to the arrow direction which shows in the label.


The normal operating temperature is -10 ~ 120 degrees. The mainly increases or reduces the pressure way is by rotating the screw of the pressure relief valve to achieve the natural protection of the high pressure blower.


The Pressure relief valve working principle of high pressure blower is when pressure exceeds the setting pressure value, or Blower pressure fluctuation amplitude exceeds set value, the pressure relief valve will immediately opened entirely to release the pressure in 0.2 seconds, when the blower pressure droped to TVC, the pressure relief valve will close valve slowly, to avoid the second pressure fluctuations; 


When air pressure is higher than preset value, or the inside pressure volatility size more than the set value, the pressure relief valve will opened entirely to release the extra pressure within 0.1seconds to protect the high pressure blower.


And the main material of high pressure blower (side channel blower) filter is stainless steel,it used together with the built-in element inside the blower prevent the dust sucted into the blower. It is mainly installed inlet of the regenerative blower and installed on the ground to prevent sand & stone particles from falling in. 

Generally, the filter of high pressure blower can avoid 200-400 mesh dust size and if have a higher requirement, you can considering our filter barrel, the precision is 1000mesh, well protect the blowers. The filter's characteristic isConvenient installation, high efficiency and quick cleaning.


Below is our simply installation draft for your reference:

Air blower pressure relief and valve Filter Installation.jpg

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