Drying machine treatment

2022-09-07 16:59
The working principle of monotonic machine is roughly: after heating, the liquid such as water in the material vaporizes and escapes, so as to get the solid material with the humidity in line with the requirements. The purpose of monotonic is to meet the needs of material application or further processing, and monotonic materials are more suitable for consumer processing. The monotonous process demand consumes a lot of heat energy. The high temperature heat source exerts heat monotonically to the wet material in various ways, so that the moisture on the material surface evaporates and escapes to the outer space, thus showing the difference of moisture content between the material surface and the interior. The moisture inside diffuses to the surface and evaporates, occasionally reducing the moisture content of the material, gradually completing the monotony of the whole material. The working center of the monotone machine depends on the monotonic rate which depends on the vaporization rate of the material surface and the diffusion rate of water inside. The monotonic rate is controlled by the surface evaporation rate and the internal diffusion rate.
The main purpose of the machine is to stop the monotonicity of the material that does not need to be consumed and processed, so that the moisture content of the material is reduced to the ideal state, so as to stop the next consumption. For example, do wood model with wood, wood processing line monotonic can prevent wood model deformation, ceramic billet body in calcination line monotonic can also prevent ceramic billet body waste cracking. Transportation and storage became more convenient. If the grain is harvested monotonically below a certain water content to prevent mildew. Because the natural monotonic cannot meet the demand of consumption inflation, various mechanized monotonic machines are more and more widely used. The vacuum machine is mainly suitable for chemical, pharmaceutical, food and other industries, suitable for suspended powder, granular, fiber material monotone processing. At the same time, easily oxidized and volatile liquid materials, sensitive, irritating and toxic materials and crystalline materials can be monotonic.
The role of Dereike Side channel blowers in dryer
Side channel Blowers is the transmission of dry medium power source, so it has become an important part of the drying equipment system, and Side channel blowers here there are two different layout, the use of effect and scope of application is also different.
1.Side channel blowers in the drying system is a common arrangement of a single induced draft fan and a combination of two induced draft fans. In the former form, a single induced draft fan is placed after the dust recovery device, so that the drying equipment is operated under negative pressure.
2.The advantage of this drying system is that dust and harmful gases will not leak into the atmosphere. However, due to the high negative pressure in the drying equipment, the frequent start and stop of Side channel blowers will cause local instability in the tower and leakage of outside air into the dryer. Therefore, the single ventilation method is only suitable for small drying systems.
3.For some large drying equipment, it is necessary to use two fans, one as a blower, the other as a induced draft fan. This system has great flexibility, can adjust the pipeline pressure distribution, and improve the operating conditions of the dryer at the same time, so that it is close to atmospheric pressure under the micro negative pressure operation.
4.When Side channel blowers is used in drying equipment in this form, not only taking into account the advantages of negative pressure operation, but also avoid the large negative pressure operation, so that the air leakage into the system, selected to reduce the drying efficiency of the disadvantage, at the same time, micro negative pressure operation and can ensure that the dust recovery device has a high recovery rate

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