Composting fermentation treatment

2022-09-05 15:18
Garden compost is a really broad concept. Simply put, it is the decomposition of macromolecular organic matter into small molecular organic matter and inorganic salts under the action of microorganisms.
Animals and poultry manure, crop straw, fruits and vegetables, leaves, wood chips, grass and even waste paper in the process of farming production can be utilized as the primary fermentation materials.
In recent years, organic fertilizer and bioorganic fertilizer on the market belong to a commercial application of composting technology. Of course, not all organic fertilizer is produced through compost fermentation, which is not the focus of today's presentation. There is a common rural biogas slurry fermentation, manure accumulation come from compost fermentation.
So how does composting work
According to the need of microorganisms for oxygen in the composting process, the fermentation approaches can be divided into aerobic fermentation and anaerobic fermentation.
The benefits of great fermentation are fast fermentation speed, quick heating, and less nutrition loss throughout fermentation.
The temperature in the fermentation procedure can reach 50-80 ℃, which can eliminate a great deal of microorganisms, eggs, lawn seeds and so on. By doing this is likewise the most commonly used way in the production procedure.
Anaerobic composting is compost fermented by anaerobic bacteria under anaerobic conditions. The rural common biogas slurry storage pool is an extremely typical one. Anaerobic fermentation can produce large quantities of hydrogen sulfide, methane and other gases, which is why biogas slurry storage ponds can be used for cooking fires.
Dereike side channel blower can be used in the fermentation of livestock and poultry manure. The biological fermentation side channel blower is mainly used to supply air to the aerobic biological fermentation. The raw material in the biological fermentation is disintegrated into stable material. Through stirring and other turned products, air supply, or using blower ventilation to provide oxygen, while discharging the evaporation of water vapor; Can be fast fermentation, total fermentation, for your fermentation procedure to supply aid.

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