What is the difference between high pressure air blower and medium pressure air blower

2022-06-02 14:09
air blower

Today xiaobian to explain these several, one is classified from the category attribute, blower belongs to a big noun, including a variety of air blowers, and high-pressure air blower in a literal sense, mainly in terms of pressure, general high pressure air blower pressure is relatively large, small air volume, mainly used in blowing suction is relatively large; Medium pressure air blower (also known as transparent centrifugal air blower) is mainly characterized by large air volume and small pressure. It is mainly used in places where the volume space requires relatively high air volume.

Next through concrete numerical illustration of the following three difference, wind pressure of 30 kpa to 200 kpa or compression ratio e = 1.3 ~ 3 air blower we call high pressure blower, performance to the gas flow rate, pressure, transmission power, impeller speed, etc., we call it a medium pressure blower, the centrifugal air blower (pu type centrifugal air blower) is the most widely application scope, The most common blower is mainly used for ventilation, dust removal, suction and blowing, cooling and other aspects in various industries, with strong practicality.

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