Matters needing attention in disassembling bearing of sie channel blower

2022-06-02 14:12
Bearing is an important part of high pressure fan. Its main function is to support the rotation of the fan wheel, reduce the friction coefficient in the process of rotation, and ensure the rotation accuracy and smooth. Bearing can be understood as it is used to fix the shaft, so that it can only achieve rotation, and control its axial and radial movement. If the shaft has no bearings it will not work at all. Because the axis can move in any direction, and the work requires that the axis can only rotate.

side channel blower
For the installation of bearings, only when all the preparatory work for installation is completed, can the bearing packaging be dismantled. If dust is not cleaned, it will have a great impact on the service life of bearings. Before installation, bearings can be cleaned with gasoline or benzene. Or use compressed air to blow off dust, you can also use kerosene or diesel oil as cleaning liquid, but if you use these oil alone, it will make the bearing fall into very fine dust, which is difficult to remove. When disassembling fan bearings, many tools are used. These tools should be used according to regulations. If you do not know how to disassemble the final let professionals, with professional tools for disassembly. Do not use hammer under any circumstances, otherwise it will lead to accidents or high pressure fan failure.
side channel blower
If it is a spherical roller bearing, when installing, special attention should be paid to the installation position, to be installed correctly, in order to reduce the excess clearance at both ends, otherwise the bearing in use, will be premature wear, thereby damaging the impeller, affecting the service life of the high pressure fan!

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