Can side channel blower be used to sand suction?

2022-01-05 14:36


The answer is yes.

side channel blower has something to do with blower-suction dual-purpose fan. When we use it, we need to determine what function of side channel blower is used on site, whether it is suction or blower.
If we find the pressure-flow curve of side channel blower, we can use it to suck sand.
Of course, we can not choose the wrong type. However, sometimes the selected products can not be used; as long as there are different work sites, the pressure and flow demand of the side channel blower is different,
so, in order to obtain relatively accurate data, it is necessary to carry out relevant calculations. This needs to be questioned by  designers.

Mobile powder suction machine is a multi-functional equipment for loading and unloading bulk materials. It integrates the functions of loading and unloading, conveying and dust removal. It is suitable for unloading bulk grains and other small granular materials at wharfs, as well as for bulk material transferring and other operations.
It can form a working line with conveying and measuring equipment. When the portable pneumatic suction conveyor is put into use in grain depots, rice mills, flour mills or other small granular factories (such as wheat, cottonseed, chemical raw materials, etc.),
it can not only reduce the labor intensity of workers, improve the working conditions, meet the requirements of environmental protection, but also improve the production efficiency.
It is an indispensable ideal granular material. Conveying equipment is a new type of pneumatic conveying machinery at home and abroad.

sand suction dereike bblower

At present, many suction machines are equipped with side channel blower, which is an advanced material handling machine.
The machine is compact, flexible, quick and convenient to assemble. After simple combination, it can be used for separate pressing, separate suction, or mixed suction and pressing.
It can transport granular materials such as paddy, wheat, rice, corn, high grain, barley malt, plastics and resin horizontally, obliquely and vertically. It is suitable for bulk, bulk, bulk, unloading, turning over, stacking up, replenishing and leaving warehouses in grain depots, farms, stations, wharfs, grain
and oil processing and brewing industries. Wait for mechanized operation. This machine can roughly clean and dehydrate grain when conveying grain.

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