Application of ring blower in Metallurgical Industry

2022-01-05 14:36

Application of ring blower in Metallurgical Industry

Side channel air blowers is the general name of the machinery used to discharge gas. According to its exhaust pressure, it can be divided into ventilated side channel air blowers (p < 15000Pa), blower side channel air blowers (15000Pa < p < 1.96 *105Pa) and turbine compressor (p > 1.96 *105Pa).
Application of High Pressure Fan in Metallurgical Industry
side channel air blowers plays an important role in the smelting process of steel and other metal materials. From ore to steelmaking, the main smelting processes, such as ore sintering, ironmaking and steelmaking, require side channel air blowers in all process flow of steel smelting.
1. High Pressure Fan for Sintering
The ore for smelting needs to be sintered before smelting. The sintering machine is used for sintering, while the main exhaust side channel air blowers of flue gas and cooling ventilation side channel air blowers are used for sintering furnace. For example, a medium-sized steel plant has two ore sintering workshops, one with 52.5m2 sintering machines and five workshops.
There are 29 side channel air blowerss, of which 18 are used in sintering machines. Another workshop with three 75 m2 sintering machines uses 90 side channel air blowerss, of which 8 are used in sintering machines. Other side channel air blowerss are used in ventilation, dust removal, cooling and cooling.

2. High Pressure Blower for Coke Oven Gas Conveyance
Coke is the main fuel and reducing agent for steel smelting, as well as the proppant and loosening agent for burden particles in blast furnace. After the gas in coke oven is extracted by high pressure fan, part of it is used as coke oven fuel, part of it is sent to steel plant as fuel after pressurization, and the other part is used as other by-products.
The centrifugal blower used for coke oven gas transmission is mainly composed of motor, gear accelerator, centrifugal blower, lubrication system and instrument control system.

The shell is a horizontal split structure, and there are horizontal and vertical positioning keyways under the bearing box to keep the body in good alignment and to adapt to the thermal expansion of the shell. The bearing box and the shell are cast into one body, which enhances the stiffness and is easy to disassemble and repair.

The rotor is composed of the main shaft, three impellers, spacers, balancing discs and semi-coupling, and the impeller is welded with high strength alloy steel.
Bearings are divided into support bearings and thrust bearings. The support bearings are elliptical pad sliding bearings and the thrust bearings are Mitchell double-sided thrust sliding bearings.
The seals are arranged between stages, at the inlet of impeller, at the periphery of balance plate and at both ends of shaft, all of which are labyrinth type pull-off seal.

3. Blast Furnace High Pressure Blower
In the process of pig iron smelting, a certain amount of combustion-supporting air (or oxygen) must be conveyed to the blast furnace by the blast furnace blower to increase the temperature in the furnace. In addition, it is necessary to send the burning air to the centrifugal side channel air blowers in the hot blast stove.

Oxygen to iron and steel industry lies in strengthening the smelting process. In steelmaking, it is used in oxygen top-blown converter steelmaking, oxygen bottom-blown converter steelmaking, open-hearth pool oxygen steelmaking, electric furnace oxygen steelmaking, etc.
Especially oxygen top-blown converter steelmaking has become a major way for the rapid development of iron and steel industry. Oxygen used in steelmaking is very large.
It is obtained by deep freezing from air using air separation equipment. Air compressor, oxygen compressor, heating blower, high pressure blower and turbine expander must be used in each set of oxygen making machine, which is commonly called "four oxygen making machines".

4. High Pressure Fan for Dust Removal of Converter Secondary Flue Gas
Converter secondary flue gas dedusting system refers to the collection and dedusting of flue gas at all dust-raising points besides the purification and recovery of converter flue gas. These include converter iron mixing, converter blowing, argon blowing station, hot metal slag picking station and hot metal tank inverting station.
The main features of the side channel air blowers used for flue gas dust removal are adjustable air intake, high-strength wear-resistant impeller, oil leakage-proof bearing box and joint-type axial adjusting door.

5. High Pressure Fan for Iron Chemicals Furnace
In addition to the side channel air blowers used in iron and steel smelting process, the common iron-making furnaces (such as cupolas, oil furnaces and pulverized coal furnaces) in mechanical foundry factories need high-pressure blower (high-pressure ventilation high-pressure blower or high-pressure blower) to pressurize enough air to support combustion.
The high-pressure centrifugal through-side channel air blowers is designed for the performance of the clip-waist cupola. It is suitable for the blast of the clip-waist cupola with iron content less than 5 t/h. Its performance range: flow rate 1690-6980 m3/h, pressure 8973-15103 Pa, power 15-37 kW, speed 2940 r/min.


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