Application Principle of Side Channel Blower in Aquaculture

2021-09-29 13:38

Application Principle of Side Channel Blower in Aquaculture

Aquaculture is the production activity of breeding, cultivating and harvesting aquatic animals and plants under human control.
Generally, it includes the whole process of developing aquatic products from seedlings under artificial feeding management. In a broad sense, it can also include the proliferation of aquatic resources. Aquaculture includes rough culture, intensive culture and high-density intensive culture.

Rough culture is to put seedlings in small and medium-sized natural waters and cultivate aquatic products completely by natural bait, such as fish culture in lakes and reservoirs and shellfish culture in shallow waters.

Intensive culture is to cultivate aquatic products by feeding and fertilization in small water bodies, such as pond fish culture, cage fish culture and fence culture.

High density intensive culture adopts the methods of running water, temperature control, oxygenation and feeding high-quality bait to carry out high-density culture in small water bodies, so as to obtain high yield, such as running water high-density fish and shrimp culture.

Dereike side channel blower auqaculture fish

Introduction to the use of Dereike side channel blower for aquaculture:

Side channel blower is one of the oxygenation equipment widely used in aquaculture at present.
It is mainly used to increase the oxygen content in fish pond water and meet the oxygen required for fish growth and development.
The side channel blower has fast oxygenation speed and high oxygenation efficiency. It can effectively and quickly solve the floating head and death of fish caused by hypoxia in the fish pond. The air flow can stir the water flow, increase the dissolved oxygen content in the water, make the water temperature uniform, and achieve the purpose of improving the water quality.
It is to scientifically raise fish, improve the breeding density and increase the output per unit area of the fish pond, It is an essential breeding equipment to improve the economic benefits of breeding. It has the advantages of stable operation, reliable operation, compact structure, strong inflation capacity, oil-free, pollution-free and maintenance free. It has been recognized and used by the majority of breeding bases and farmers.


The oxygenation system of side channel blower is mainly composed of side channel blower, main pipe, PVC plastic pipe, branch pipe, PVC plastic or rubber hose, microporous aeration pipe (or special plate for aeration, bubble stone), check valve, ball valve, etc.
The common power of side channel blower is 7.5kW, 5.5kW and 4kw  、 three   KW、2.2KW、1.5KW。 The side channel blower (vortex air pump) is connected to the main pipe, the main pipe is connected to the branch pipe - rubber hose - connected to the aeration pipe (aeration disc, bubble stone and other aeration devices can be used).

Working principle

Side channel blower is mainly composed of motor, pump body, impeller, air inlet and outlet, etc. During operation, the motor drives the impeller to rotate. Due to the structure of direct connection between the motor and the impeller, the whole machine is particularly stable during operation. Moreover, the whole machine does not need refueling and maintenance to ensure that there is no oil and gas pollution in the oxygenation work. The gas is connected to the tank through pipelines and oxygenation pipes. The oxygenation at the bottom of the tank also avoids the mechanical damage to fish caused by mechanical oxygenation.
Through the aeration and oxygenation of the side channel blower, the deep oxygen in the upper and lower layers tends to be uniform, and the pool water is in full contact with the air. Then the oxygen is continuously dissolved in the water to supplement and renew the dissolved oxygen in the water. The final result is that the harmful gases such as ammonia, carbon dioxide and methane in the water can escape from the water surface, achieve the purpose of hydrological uniformity and improve water quality, and make the fish live in a good environment, So as to improve the stocking density in the pond, achieve stable and high yield, and achieve the purpose of increasing oxygen.

Principle of side channel blower in aquaculture

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