How many decibels can blower muffler reduce noise

 Blower Technology     |      2019-08-27 14:22
blower muffler can reduce the noise by how many decibels, our muffler can generally reduce about 10 DB, maybe so, we do not have an intuitive feeling, for example.
The noise value of the 2LG6103KW Lion Song Fan is about 69DB. At this time, it is equivalent to people talking loudly. It has reached the upper limit of comfort. That is to say, the noise is a little noisy, and it will be very uncomfortable if it is bigger. The muffler of the high-pressure fan is reduced by 10 db, that is to say, to 59DB, which is only equivalent to the sound we usually speak, so that we can understand it well.
We can get the general decibels of all kinds of sounds in our daily life.
110 dB electric saw working, maximum volume of general household audio equipment
100 decibel tractor start
90 dB noisy Road
The above sounds affect hearing
60-80 dB General Vehicle Driving
Speak louder at 70 decibels, and the upper limit of comfort (louder than this is louder).
40-60 dB General Speech
50-53 decibels: working sound of washing machine
50 decibels Office
40 decibels library, reading room (more than this sound affects sleep)
30 Bed Bedroom, Desert Night
20 decibels whisper, country night