Advantages of Dereike Explosion-Proof Blower

2020-09-14 16:17
Explosion-Proof Blower is suitable for conveying inflammable, explosive and non corrosive gases. The ambient temperature shall not exceed 60 ℃. It is widely used in general factories, warehouses, offices and residences for ventilation or strong heating heat dissipation. It can also be installed in series with long exhaust pipes in order to increase the pressure in the pipeline. The motor can be used as a free fan when the motor is removed.Explosion-Proof Blower is made of anticorrosive material coated with epoxy paint. The motor adopts special anti-corrosion motor for conveying corrosive gas. Explosion-Proof Blower is used for conveying flammable and explosive gas. The impeller is made of aluminum alloy to prevent spark during operation. The motor is of flameproof type.
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Advantages of Dereike Explosion-Proof Blower
① The structure is more reasonable;
② The total pressure efficiency is 89.5%;
③ The noise is lower, and the noise (than a sound level) is reduced by 3.6db (a).
The multi wing aluminum alloy heat sink with good heat dissipation is adopted in the Explosion-Proof Blower, which can quickly dissipate heat to enhance the operation efficiency of the motor, and the seal dust-proof design is also adopted between the impeller and the shaft, which can prevent dust from entering and prolong the service life; In particular, the specially improved impeller can reduce the gap between the impeller and the fuselage and prevent dust blockage during operation, which is different from other similar products in terms of multi angle and large gap surface, which is easy to cause blockage and lead to high-pressure blower failure

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