side channel air blower for aquaculture

2023-02-22 15:09
Five basic problems in the tank farming market need to be attended to:
1. Water Quality
2. Water Temperature
3. Supply of feed
4. Whether there are ill signs and symptoms
5. Aeration stops floating head
Fish, shrimp, crabs grow quick in the period, freshwater tank farming is very important to boost oxygen to avoid floating head. Side channel air blower for fish, shrimp, crab culture oxygenation innovation transformation for aquaculture power conserving bottom aeration oxygenation system, with the continuous renovation of the shrimp, fish, crab culture thickness, the solitary use of standard impeller type or water wheel type oxygenation maker has actually been not able to fulfill the three-dimensional oxygenation requirements of fish, shrimp, crab culture pond. The energy saving bottom oygenation oxygen enrichment system for fish, crab and shrimp culture, that is, the oygenation plate or oygenation tube is set up at the end of the pond, and also the water wheel type oygenation maker is equipped to breed penaeus chinense, which can properly remove the temperature level crossing layer, oxygen jump layer and sea water thickness going across layer of the pond, and supplement the oxygen at the end of the fish pond, so regarding attain the function of excellent tank farming water setting problems. Its application impact has been proved in penaeus chinense culture.
Features of side channel air blower in aquaculture industry:
1, pressure stability: superb running balance efficiency, high mechanical accuracy, running components after very specific balance style, screening, correction, so the resonance rate is extremely reduced, we verified with the water therapy, electroplating therapy instance application, stirring uniformly, water wave rolling elevation corresponds.
2, ultra-low sound: reduced noise straight transmission, outlet and also entry have integrated muffler gadget, can significantly lower the noise during operation; According to client need, can be upgraded to quiet operation, to meet customer's requirements.
side channel blower
3. Power saving and also environmental management: Side channel air blower uses ADC12 product, which crosses the old casting procedure of pig iron, to ensure that the impeller and other components will not create contact, to make sure that there is no oil as well as no air pollution. With "high, great, light" and various other characteristics, high innovation material, power conserving, low carbon, top notch superb products.
4, large usage: Side channel air blower at the same time with 50/60Hz vast regularity electric motor, according to the different requirements of consumers, pick different voltage requirements; Side channel air blower is split into huge air quantity and high pressure collection, to ensure that consumers are extra flexible when selecting.
5, simple maintenance: along with the impeller, Side channel air blower has nothing else relocating components, as well as the impeller is directly linked to the electric motor, no equipment and drive belt, so higher integrity, practically maintenance-free, conserve a lot of operation as well as upkeep costs.

Besides aquaculture,Dereike side channel blower also can use in many industry.


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