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2020-07-20 10:33
Low-power air knife blower need to be clear first, low-power is suitable for home use, not suitable for places with high demand parameters.
The benefits of    low-power high-pressure blowers are:
  At the same time, low power saves power, while high power consumes power.
  But on the contrary, in general, the performance of high power is better than that of low power fans. Low power, less energy consumption, air knife blower consumption more energy
   Therefore, it is necessary to choose a suitable fan. Do not choose too large or too small. It is enough to choose a model that is greater than or equal to our working conditions to avoid unnecessary waste and save energy and expenditure.
   Low-power air knife blower often refers to the fan within 1kw, mainly single-phase electricity, because the small model market has less consumption, so many manufacturers have set the minimum power at around 400. Other individual or lower power.

air knife blower
what is this?
Because the size and type of the air knife blower for each power are different, and if the front pump body is too large, the motor cannot be brought up, or the effect is not ideal, so if you reduce the power, you must open the corresponding mill. Only can.
The smaller size of the high-pressure blower front pump body is processed to correspond to the assembly of the low-power motor. The process is cumbersome and complicated, and to a certain extent, the low-power market is not used much, so it is not selected to produce this fan .
The low-power high-pressure blower has single-phase electricity and three-phase electricity. Although the single-phase electricity seems to have only one more capacitor, the internal winding is different. This is also a doubt in the minds of many customers. Okay, the rest is not like this.
   And the low-power air knife blower power is there. 370w, 400w, 550w, 750w, 850w, 1.1kw, etc. The advantage is to use, the price is only a few hundred yuan, not more than 1,000 yuan
   When using and transporting, please take care not to knock, if humming occurs, stop and check to eliminate the problem before restarting.

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