regenerative blower aquaculture

2020-07-20 10:33
The regenerative blower aquaculture performance curve is used to represent the main performance parameters of the fan, and it is also to feedback the changes between the parameters of a fan in actual use. It is also an important and necessary basis for the early stage of selection.
   The performance curve of the high-pressure fan usually includes: the curve operation changes such as the relationship between air volume Q, wind pressure H, power N and efficiency η.
   The performance curve of a regenerative blower aquaculture usually has only two coordinate axes: the pressure and the air volume of the fan, which is also simplified for the convenience of customers to understand. It is easy to understand, simple and clear, and does not make too many annotations.
At the same time, for the convenience of use, the performance curve of the high-pressure fan includes (provided that the protection is unchanged at a certain speed) the change of positive pressure or negative pressure with air volume, the change of static pressure with air volume, and the power with air volume The change, the change of total efficiency with air volume and the change of static efficiency with air volume are simply that as long as the air volume changes, the pressure will inevitably change, and vice versa.
blower aquaculture
It can be seen from the arrow in the figure that the overall operating curve of the 720 double impeller regenerative blower aquaculture, the horizontal line is the flow situation, and the solid line represents the pressure situation. It can be seen that the operating line is going down, indicating the time when the pressure is higher , The more the traffic decreases.
   Therefore, when we choose a fan in the early stage, this regenerative blower aquaculture performance curve must be referenced. Only the model selected in this way can meet our production needs, and it is also a type selection method for safety and insurance. Old customers choose this type of selection. If they are new customers, they can be contacted by the factory for the first time.
   Other types of fans are similar, and the parameters that need to be referenced are nothing but the most important ones. It is easy to understand as long as you understand them carefully.
   Detailed analysis of the performance curve of regenerative blower aquaculture If you still don't understand, you can call us or leave us a message.

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