Water Treatment System Dereike centrifugal blower Introducti

2020-01-06 16:34

Water Treatment System Dereike centrifugal blower Introduction

The Dereike centrifugal blower have many advantages such as high efficiency, long service life, no lubrication in the casing, and no gas pollution. Especially in the application range of air supply air volume and pressure, the noise control and operation stability are greatly improved. Many aspects are superior to the peer blower.

The Dereike centrifugal blower is also well suited for shallower pool depths, and handles deep tank conditions where air volume and pressure are required.

In the energy consumption control, the Dereike centrifugal blower adopts the frequency conversion adjustment control, and in terms of equipment configuration, the wind volume of multiple Dereike centrifugal blowers can be configured in a gradient.

The Dereike centrifugal blower can be tailored to different situations to enhance the flexibility of process operation and thus reduce power consumption. However, oil coolers and oil filters still need to be cleaned regularly to ensure oil quality, and need to be regularly replaced and sent for inspection to prevent emulsification.

Usually the oil cooler is divided into air-cooled and water-cooled.Use air-cooled and regularly clean the air cooler's heat sink to prevent blockage and accumulation of dirt.

Water cooling requires regular cleaning and maintenance of the cooling tower and the corresponding piping. At this time, we must pay attention to ensure the quality of the circulating cooling water. Then regularly add corrosion and scale inhibitors to better prevent bacterial growth, coolant, pipeline fouling and copper components to react with primary batteries, affect cooling effect and even pollute oil quality.


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