Vegetable washing machine treatment

2022-09-21 16:55
Firstly, permit's preferred science. The concept of fruit and vegetable filtration equipment is actually extra common in the present market:

1. Ultrasound examination.

When used, the ultrasonic wave causes cavitation inside the fluid. The sky liquified in the liquefied ends up being supersaturated by adverse stress, creating tiny blisters as it escapes from the liquid. These bubbles relocate, oscillate, grow, contract, as well as burst in action to the vibration of the neighboring tool. And also they will certainly create local high temperature as well as high pressure and broadband impact circulation presently of rupture, although the variety of effect is quite tiny, yet under the joint action of numerous little blisters, it can still execute bodily cleaning and sanitation of fruits and vegetables. After testing, when the ultrasound energy is 1 kilowatt, it takes 15 mins to obtain a really good result of chemical removal, and the surface of fruits and veggies are going to lean to harm, concurrently, high-power ultrasound possesses prospective harm to body.

2, ozone

Ozone is actually a poignant give off light blue gasoline, with sanitation, mildew insurance coverage, deodorization as well as other functions. Ozone possesses tough oxidation, and can react with organophosphorus or even amino methyl esters and various other chemicals in veggies and fruits. Ozone is a solid oxidant, and also chemicals are actually natural compounds. Ozone destroys the chemical bonds of all natural chemicals through solid oxidation, therefore in order to accomplish the reason of sanitation, yet if the concentration of ozone is actually insufficient, it is difficult to play the part of sanitation. Additionally, folks should not remain in an atmosphere along with too much ozone, which can lead to respiratory as well as skin layer discomfort.

3. Hydroxy technology

Hydroxy technology has the capacity to respond with mostly all natural macromolecules and also organic matter, along with higher response fee as well as adverse cost electrophilicity. All at once, the response fee constants of C-H bond and C-C connect are actually 108-1010mol/ s, arriving at excess of propagation price, which is actually 3-4 orders of enormity more than ozone response rate constants. Water hydroxyl inattention about the destruction of raw material, if the incorrect management of the reaction time is actually extremely long, fruits and vegetables of natural nutrients are going to be actually damaged, pesticides, anti-biotics, hormones and other natural macromolecular pollutants in the water under the activity of hydroxyl reactions such as dehydrogenation as well as electrophilic addition and also electron transmission, and constantly coming from the large molecules into tiny molecules, Till thoroughly native mineral right into water, co2 and inorganic salt, just as long as the time control appertains, can easily attain the purpose of cleansing food yet regarding feasible to decrease harm nourishment, in comparison, the modern technology of fairly very little negative effects, but this sort of cleaning up equipment production expense is higher, has the very higher technological limit, so to understand the innovation of manufacturer is quite handful of, As well as this modern technology is actually the "veggies and fruit cleaning machine" industry conventional indicated modern technology.

In addition, the food items cleanser sustains the purification of fruits and vegetables, meat, grains, silverware as well as other products. After detoxifying fruits and vegetables, grains, the water can additionally cleanse meat and also save water effectively

The duty of Dereike side channel blower in fruit and vegetable cleanser:

1. The size of the equipment is little, nearly a lot of commercial development devices is very large, although some guidelines are not as high as those sizable devices, however the main part of the equipment is light weight aluminum alloy, so the weight of the special whirlwind air pump for washing machine is not lightweight.
2. The tools used for commercial creation needs to be actually easier than other kinds of commercial production equipment being used, therefore regarding lessen various other situations.

Dereike side channel blower in lots of other industrial development also has a lot of uses, if you want to know additional regarding our products, keep in mind to our product page to comprehend.

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