Edge grinding machine treatment

2022-09-23 15:18
Is fully automated CNC glass advantage grinding device, 4 edges of rectangular as-received chamfering of expert handling devices, suitable for processing complicated and singular property, doors as well as Microsoft window, shielding glass and also requirements of the white colored glass and low-e glass, high machining accuracy, higher efficiency, high mechanical configuration, making use of "electricity conserving, LOW carbon, high efficiency, hands free operation" design idea, takes on the man-machine user interface function, 4 center affiliation, Automatic id of glass size, slanted processing velocity of 30m/ minutes; And also different requirements as well as density of glass could be continual piece, without hands-on adjustment and waiting, belt vacuum suction move and also preset glass after processing upper hand grinding and also film removal, effectively avoid glass blemishes as well as surface depression, boost the rate of glass processing, reduce the handling price.

The primary attributes of edge grinding machine:

1, in the process of function, the distance as well as duration of glass can be automatically recognized, different standards of glass could be straight grinding, carry out certainly not need to readjust the position as well as closing degree like bilateral grinding.
2, The intensity of glass chamfer may be readjusted through referring to as the existing procedure specifications; It is actually not necessary to readjust the elevation of the grinding steering wheel as well as the Angle of chamfering according to the thickness of the glass.
3, For low-E glass, there is actually no opportunity of curler publishing as bilateral grinding.
4, Save space. CNC four advantage grinding device specifications are mostly (mm): 3280 (L) × 3300 (W) × 2020 (H), compared to 2 reciprocal grinding, there is a fantastic room conveniences.
5, The speed of glass bordering is quick. The standard CNC four-side bordering maker only needs to have 45 secs for 1 gauge * 3 meters of glass chamfering. One hr can conveniently complete 150 square gauges to 240 square gauges of glass edging job.
6, CNC four-edge grinding equipment has intelligent management motor and control water shooting feature, in the condition of devices carries out certainly not work, the motor immediately stops working, yet also instantly stops water splashing, along with the characteristics of electricity saving and water conserving, in accordance with the national energy saving, low-carbon as well as water conserving plan alignment.
7, The mainstream CNC four-edge grinding maker uses servo electric motor as the support, which may accomplish really specific command.
8, touch screen procedure user interface is actually straightforward, easy to use.

The principal CNC four edge grinding equipment suppliers matching devices automated platter and automatic plate. Can easily substitute the manual top and also reduced items, fully tap the work capacity of the glass CNC four-edge grinding, untended body in the process of procedure, along with excellent surveillance.

Use total wind high pressure follower as well as wind knife system in glass tools field have fantastic conveniences, considering that can't damage the glass area, and glass is larger, brittle, etc, commonly in the process of deep-seated processing of glass, glass of mobile phone, repaired, managing, processing, sculpting will trigger damages of glass, including scrapes, injuries and other complications, Dereike Side Channel Blower has the observing benefits, not only to resolve these complications, yet likewise to improve the performance and premium of glass processing.

Benefits of Dereike Side Channel Blower:

1, with the function of blowing as well as suction, one maker and two uses, can possibly do vacuum adsorption handling, adsorption addiction, can easily additionally be actually utilized for sky drifting non-trace processing and wind blade drying purposes.
2, low noise, may comply with the noise needs of glass factory.
3, tough suction, large air quantity, high pressure fan effect is actually noticeable.
4, long service life, no oil and no air pollution.
5, basic as well as beneficial installment, small size, attractive appeal.
6, electricity saving, small electrical power consumption.
7, wind blade coiffure impact is actually really good, efficiency could be multiplied, great advantage.

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