Single stage side channel blower disassembly & installation

2023-04-03 16:23

1.Stand the blower upright, vertically
2.Remove the 4 screws 
(Do not throw the nut and gasket around. Insert it into the screw for convenient to use later)

1.Install the check ring, with the step side facing down and cannot be installed reversely
2.Install the key pin and impeller. The impeller direction cannot be installed reversely. When installing, the blade angle is as shown in the figure above, which is counter clock
3.Place the flat plate, bearing, pressing plate, gasket and screw in turns, and then tighten the screw
4.Use a slender iron wire to pass through any hole in the middle of the pump cover and insert it into any hole on the flat plate for positioning;
 (When the pump cover is closed, ensure that the iron wire is always inserted into the flat plate hole);
5.Close the pump cover, align the perimeter profile, insert the two screws in the middle, do not lock tightly, and pull out the iron wire
6. Lock one of the screw, but not too tight
7. Lock the 7 screws around in diagonal slowly 
8. Lock the three screws in the middle slowly 
9. Put in the four base plate nuts
10. Fasten the bottom plate hole with the nut, lock in four screws, and place the blower in horizontal after installation


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