Side channel blower front bearing

2023-04-03 15:04
Side channel blower bearing front refers to the position before installing a bearing on the inlet side of the impeller (i.e. the gas side) in the side channel blower. This bearing is also known as the "front bearing".
The role of the front bearing is to support the load at the front of the impeller to reduce the impeller vibration and deformation due to centrifugal force and gas power in high speed rotation. This can improve the performance and reliability of the side channel blower, and extend its service life.

Today, let's talk about the comparison of side channel blower front bearing before and after.


1.The bearing is in direct contact with the inhaled working gas in the cavity,which is easily damaged due to the in fluence of high temperature gas,corrosive gas and dust.
2.Bearing replacement is complex and troublesome.
【Front Type】

a.the bearing will not be subject to high temperature caused by compressed gas and the temperature rise will be increased,
b.The bearing will not be interfered by corrosive gas,impurities and foreign matters inhaled,so that the bearing life is improved.
c:This blower can be used in high temperature,corrosive gas,dust,humid gas and other special industries,more durable than ordinary blower.
d.When replacing the front bearing of this blower,it is not necessary to remove the pump cover,just remove the small end cover at the front end of the pump cover,which is convenient to replace the bearing,simple to maintain and safe.
e.The cavity can be opened to convection with air,so the heat dissipation effect is better.


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