Side channel blower for industrial hot air blower

2020-06-22 13:58
The working principle of the industrial hot air blower is as follows: after the power is connected, the high-pressure blower or medium pressure blower blows the air to the heater. Because there is an electric heating wire inside, after the ordinary air passes through, the heat generated by the electric heating wire exchanges with the cold air passing through, so as to achieve the goal of air temperature rise. Because the fan itself will produce a certain amount of heat, why is the high-pressure blower hot air? Because of this, its use effect will be a higher level

Industrial hot air blower
The K-type thermocouple at the air outlet feeds back the detected air temperature to the temperature controller in time. The instrument monitors the actual working temperature according to the set temperature, and transmits the relevant information back to the solid-state relay to control whether the heater works.
At the same time, the fan can use the air volume regulator (frequency converter, air door) to adjust the air volume of the blowing air, so as to realize the control of the working temperature and air volume. In addition, the hot air blower also has over temperature protection circuit for the air inlet and motor of the ventilator and emergency brake switch for the main circuit, so as to further improve the protection of the equipment.
Its main components are high-pressure fan of industrial hot air fan, heater in the box and control circuit. Such products are commonly used in electronic, food, pharmaceutical, packaging and other industries, with a wide prospect.
Industrial hot air blower is the first choice for upgrading and upgrading of modern industrial heat source, and it is the best hot air source configuration for automatic machinery such as hot air conveying furnace, drying furnace, oven, packaging machine, etc. click here to see more field drawings of blower use

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