Introduction to the use of low-noise vacuum pumps

2020-07-16 15:32
The low-noise vacuum pumps adopts the material of the casing: the fan is made of super-strength die-casting aluminum. The die-casting aluminum is the same aluminum material as the Mercedes-Benz wheel wheel. Compared with the ordinary aluminum alloy, the die-casting aluminum is stronger and the lightweight is more lightweight than the iron shell vacuum pumps.

The role of the vacuum pumps, the European standard motor is used for the fan, the European-style motor is a wide-band, wide-voltage motor, included: single-phase 110V/230V industrial three-phase: 220/380/415/660V, etc., the motor frequency can be 45-75HZ FM, IP55 protection level F-level insulation level, its advantage is that the domestic motor can not reach the technology, favored by domestic and foreign customers, low-noise high-pressure fan adopts German MERKEL oil seal,

vacuum pumps
German MERKEL (Merkel) material uses fluorine rubber can withstand -25 ℃ to 300℃, the temperature of the lip is 20~50℃ higher than the temperature of the working medium when the general oil seal is working, the performance is more stable, maintenance-free,

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