Product introduce:Dereike High Speed Centrifugal Blower Hank-70

2020-08-22 16:52
Product introduce:Dereike High Speed Centrifugal Blower Hank-70

Model Power(kw) Airflow(m³/h) Pressure(mbar) Vacuum(mbar) Weight(kg) Stage
HANK-70 2.2-7.5 120-1200 240 220 66-93 Single


Centrifugal blower features:

1.low noise, low maintenance, reliable operation, strong and durable.

2.reliable equipment, light weight, can any along the axial bearing installation, wide range of performance.

3. super fan, air volume can reach 85-6000 m3 / h, and the wind pressure of 290 mbar.

4.the ABB motor, IP55 protection grade, insulation class F

5. the main parts adopt high strength of ADC12 aluminum alloy die-casting as a whole.

6. using the Japanese MAZAKCNC machining center, Germany SCHENCK balancing machine, zeiss three-
    dimensional inspection equipment such as production, to ensure consistent quality.

7. power range 2.2 to 37 kw matching.


Outlet Position:

When ordering and desiging the blower,the outlet space must be carefully considered, and the pipe distribution should be reasonably arranged in order to facilitate your installation,Dereike procides flexible.

Outlet Position

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