Dereike vortex blower with air knife used in industries

2019-12-06 17:38

Dereike vortex blowers are widely used in industry and a large part of it is realized by air knife.

The air through the vortex blower to air knife, the air is blown out at a high speed with a thickness of 0.06 mm after entering the air knife.

Through the special geometry impeller of the vortex blower and the Dereike effect air knife in the shape of water drop, the thin air curtain can reach 20 to 50 times of ambient air, thereby forming a high-intensity, high-heat air flow.

Usually, the working mode of the air knife is divided into two types: one is aluminum alloy air knife and another is ring air knife.

The air curtain of the aluminum air knife is deflected by 90 degrees, and the air curtain of the annular air knife is blown horizontally.


The multi-stage high-pressure ring blowers and high speed vortex blowers realize a large number of applications.

Such as blowing water and dust, air drying after water cleaning through the air knife: blowing off dust and moisture on the surface of steel plates and profiles, blowing out the beverage bottles and packaging cans, moisture on the surface of the bottle to blow off the dust, residue, and moisture on the surface of the product.


More specific applications are as follows:


1. Automotive industry: Most of is used to blow off additional water, coolant, dust, debris, air cooling, drying, dust removal before painting.

   Air knives can be used in the automotive industry to reduce a lot of artificial resources.


2. Electronics industry: Usually needs to quickly dry the electronic circuit board before assembly, which is convenient for workers to do the next step.


3. Beverage can and bottle making: Beverage filling is usually used for labeling, inkjet and packaging of beverage bottles.


4. Chemical industry: Surface chemicals or moisture are blown off before labeling or packaging.


5. Food and medicine: Generally used in the manufacture and packaging, it need to dry the moisture and attachments, or in the open bag before bagging dust.


6. Metal industry: Now used more, it is generally blowing off the coolant from the metal surface. Blown off the mill emulsion and the surface is dried or cooled before the polishing, electroplating, and painting process.


7. Rubber and plastics industry: Usually blows off the dust or debris on the surface of the product. When it is dried before being extruded or shot, it can be shot out to achieve the cooling and cooling effect.


8. Printing industry: The most used one is inkjet, because dust, debris and water vapor need to be blown clean before printing.


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