Dereike centrifugal blower operating specifications

2019-12-06 08:14

Dereike centrifugal blower operating specifications

Before starting the fan, the following preparations should be made:


1. Close the adjustment door.


2. Check the gap size of the fan parts, whether the rotating part and the fixed part are scratched or collided.


3. No one is allowed to stand in the radial direction of the impeller or near the coupling.


4. Check if the bearing mailbox is up to standard.


5. Check that the electrical wiring and instruments are correct.


6. Check that the cooling section is normal.


When the fan starts, when the normal number of revolutions is reached, gradually open the adjustment door until the specified load.


During the operation, the bearing temperature rise shall not be higher than 40 °C, and the surface temperature shall not be higher than 80 °C. If the temperature rise is too high, it can be cooled by water. Generally, it should be considered according to 0.5~1m3/h. If the effect is not good, the water flow can be increased appropriately.


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