Dereike High Speed Centrifugal Blower Drying System

2019-12-10 15:43

Dereike High Speed Centrifugal Blower Drying System

We can according to the different production conditions to formulate one special drying system for each customer, to ensure that each drying system is customized according to your requirements, to achieve the required drying effect and help to saving costs.
Dereike high speed blower advantage:
1. The traditional ring blower is higher pressure with smaller the air flow, the higher air flow with less pressure, which be inversely proportional.
However, our high-speed centrifugal  blower is high pressure with high air flow which form a positive ratio.
2. The air speed of Dereike high speed blower can reaches 20,000rpm. Due to the high speed, the hot air effect can be obtained without heating and high speed.
3, Dereike high speed blower have vertical and horizontal types, customer can according the local install aera to select.
Blower outlet also can be customized according to customer requirements.
4, According to many test between traditional ring blower with Dereike high speed blower :
For the same 5.5KW power, traditional air blower is 4000rpm, Dereike high speed blower can reaches 20,000rpm. Dereike high speed blower rpm is 5 times than the traditional air blower. It not only better drying effect, but also saving more energy to customers.
5, The biggest drawback of the blower industry is the noise problem, many companies reflect the noise is seriously affect the employee's eardrum damage leading to higher employee turnover.
Dereike independently developed one Silencer Box for high speed blowers, which can reduce 70% noise and it has been widely used in the super blower industry.
6, Dereike is environmental protection in the work can play a responsible responsibility for the health of employees.
Dereike high speed blower using oil-free water running, to avoid work and carry pollution, to help employees can keep a healthy body at work.

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