Principle of vortex air pump

 Blower Technology     |      2019-10-20 19:49
Principle of vortex air pump:
In the vortex air pump, its impeller is composed of dozens of blades, so after the air is centrifuged, it makes the air move to the edge of the impeller and enter the annular cavity of the pump body, so that the air can be continuously circulated, thus producing high-energy air flow for our use.
Features of vortex air pump:
Compact structure, small volume, light weight, low noise and no pollution.
Function of vortex air pump:
There are two functions of vortex air pump, which are suction function and blowing function.
Selection of vortex air pump:
First determine what function of the air pump to use, suction or blowing, then determine the working curve according to the calculated pressure and flow, and then determine the air pump model after determining the working curve.