Bearing Maintenance of side channel blower

 Blower Technology     |      2019-09-26 15:26
The use of side channel blower can not be separated from the coordinated use of bearings, bearing of side channel blower can not be replaced by other components, so it is very important to ensure that it can play a normal role in use, but also an important direction to ensure the efficiency of side channel blower. How can the bearings of side channel blower be well protected?
Periodically inspect the casing and intake chamber for serious wear and tear, remove serious dust accumulation, these parts can not carry out other special maintenance. Check regularly whether all fastening bolts are tightened. For the high-pressure fan with tightening bolts, the butterfly spring on the sole is tightened to the installation height specified in the drawings.
Also check the lubrication system of the high-pressure fan frequently. Everyone knows that once the lubrication system of the high-pressure fan has problems, the bearing of the fan will probably have a phenomenon of too high temperature, which is not conducive to the operation of the fan. If there is oil leakage in the box, the bolt of the end cap can be tightened a little, which is not good. If so, you may have to replace it with a new sealing filler. When lubricating oil of bearing is in normal use, it should be replaced at least once in half a year. When it is first used, it should be done about 200 hours after operation, and the second oil change time should be done in 1-2 months. After that, it should be checked once a week. If the lubricating oil does not deteriorate, the oil change work can be extended to 2-4 months. When it is replaced, it must be done. Use the specified brand of lubricating oil, and put the old oil in the tank thoroughly clean and clean before filling the new oil.
Once the bearing of the high-pressure fan has problems, it is necessary to replace the new bearing in time. When replacing the new bearing, the bearing and the bearing box must be very clean before loading the new bearing. Bearings are heated in oil of about 70-80 C and then loaded into the axle. No forced assembly is allowed to avoid damage to the axle.
Therefore, the maintenance of high-pressure fan bearings is not a simple matter. Once the user neglects which point is not done well, the bearing of the fan still has a great risk. Therefore, when using the fan, we must check the safety of the bearing of the fan beforehand to ensure that the fan is started after the error is made, so that the fan can also be started in this way. Fully play a role in the use.