Installation Requirements and Working Environment of blower

 Blower Technology     |      2019-09-24 20:27
When choosing the type of blower, it is necessary to use flat washer and spring washer to tighten the screw. It is necessary to choose rubber buffer to bear the weight of the blower, especially the high-power blower.
If the blower has the requirement of noise, it can be equipped with muffler to reduce noise. The muffler is installed at the end of the intake or outlet duct. For some occasions where the noise requirement is very high, according to the condition of the machine itself, plus a layer of muffler, it can meet the noise requirement of the scene.
When using muffling cotton, attention should be paid to the distance between the whirlpool pump and the box, to the ventilation and heat dissipation of the whirlpool pump, to the use of rubber buffer glue to bear the weight of the whirlpool pump, to the connection of the inlet and outlet ducts of the whirlpool pump, and to the use of hose connection to isolate vibration.
In order to enter the normal use of the blower, first of all, we should do a good job in its installation. Complete safety can make our work go smoothly. So before we decide to use the equipment, we should also know how to deal with the installation of the equipment. If the installation work can be carried out according to the general steps, the whole work is still very simple, but in the process of installation, there will still be some things we need to pay attention to, so here we can explain the relevant issues.
Installation environment is the first problem we need to pay attention to. For general equipment, the appropriate working environment is the basis for its stable work. So we should create a stable environment for its work, so that it can work smoothly in the normal environment. Next is the firmness of its installation. The firmness of the installation should be a key consideration. When the equipment can be firmly installed, naturally there will be no other problems in use.