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 Blower Technology     |      2019-09-23 14:06
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What types ofspecialty regenerative blowers can be divided into

A. According to different working principles, regenerative blowerss can be divided into two categories: blade type (also known as impeller type or turbine type) and volume type (also known as fixed displacement type).
Blade regenerative blowers (principle: energy transfer gas through impeller rotation): centrifugal regenerative blowers, axial regenerative blowers, mixed-flow regenerative blowers, cross-flow regenerative blowers.
Volumetric regenerative blowers (principle: energy transfer gas through the periodic change of the volume of the studio): reciprocating regenerative blowers, rotary regenerative blowers, Roots regenerative blowers, Ye's regenerative blowers.
B. According to the high or low pressure it produces:
(1) regenerative blowers refers to the regenerative blowers with rated total pressure of 98-14700pa under design conditions. Among all kinds of regenerative blowerss, regenerative blowerss are the most widely used, such as regenerative blowerss used in thermal power plants are basically regenerative blowerss, so the regenerative blowerss in this book refer to regenerative blowerss.
(2) Blower refers to the blower whose pressure rises between 14700 and 196120 Pa after the gas passes through the blower.
(3) Compressor refers to the wind hunger in which the pressure rise of the gas after passing through the regenerative blowers is greater than 196120 Pa or the compression ratio is greater than 3.5.
(4) Wind angle refers to the rated total pressure of a regenerative blowers below 98 Pa under standard conditions. This kind of regenerative blowers has no shell, so it is also called free regenerative blowers.
Different types of wind turbines have great differences in performance, appearance and price. Although some of them can be substituted for each other, they must consult professional companies and then deal with them according to the actual situation.