What kind of equipment is leaf blower side side

 Blower Technology     |      2019-09-17 16:39
Now more and more people will use the blower, and when searching for the blower, you will find that the leaf blower side side always appears with it. So, what kind of equipment is the leaf blower side side?
High-pressure fan is also a kind of blower. The working principle of blower is basically the same as that of turbine compressor. However, because the gas flow rate is low and the pressure changes little, it is not necessary to consider the change of specific volume of gas, that is to say, the gas is treated as incompressible fluid. According to the direction of gas flow, it can be divided into centrifugal type, axial flow type, oblique flow type (mixed flow type) and cross flow type. Centrifugal fan is more common. High-pressure fan is also called blower, side-flow fan, whirlpool pump, which is different from the general centrifugal blower.
Under the design conditions, the wind pressure is 3 kPa~200 KPa or the compression ratio e=1. 3~3 fan belongs to the category of high-pressure fan. At present, air-ring vacuum pump is generally classified as high-pressure fan in the industry. High-pressure fan, also known as high-pressure fan, eddy fan, is different from the general centrifugal high-pressure fan. It has the characteristics of large flow and pressure. The wind pressure range of high-pressure fan is 5kPa-100KPa, and the flow range is 24m3/h-2330m3/h.
High pressure fan is widely used in paper cutter, combustion oxygen reducer, cigarette filter moulding machine, electroplating bath agitation, atomization dryer, water treatment aeration, aquaculture, screen printing machine, photo plate maker, injection moulding machine, automatic feeding dryer, liquid filling machine, powder filling machine, welding equipment, film machinery, paper transportation. Delivery, dry cleaning, clean use, air dedusting, dry bottles, gas transmission, feeding, collection, environmental water treatment, central dust collection, aquaculture, screen printing, electroplating, dedusting, food, packaging, filling, glass products, air transport and other industries. Such as:
Metal industry: Blow coolant or other liquid from metal surface. Dry or cool the surface before polishing, electroplating and painting.
Rubber and Plastics Industry: Blow off dust or debris on the surface of products. Dry before ejection or ejection. The product is cooled after injection forming. Wait