How to Realize Energy Saving for it blower

 Blower Technology     |      2019-09-17 16:37
At the same time, we want the fan to reduce energy consumption and get the greatest return with the least investment. In view of such requirements of users, what we can do is to optimize the design scheme, improve the quality of production, and let the fan from design to life. We can do the best in production, and innovative reforms of new technologies make the use of it blowermore in line with the requirements of users. But it is not enough for us to do these work well. We also need users to do some work to achieve the energy-saving effect of it blowerin the process of using fans. The regulation of air volume is the most critical factor for the energy conservation of the fan. We call the process of artificial intervention and control of the fan or the pipe network system as the regulation of the fan. If this is done well, the energy saving effect of the fan can be guaranteed to a certain extent. Through effective regulation, the energy saving effect of the fan can be guaranteed. Under the condition of stable work, it is necessary to satisfy the demand of flow or pressure in production and to save energy to the maximum extent. In the process of adjusting the fan, it is very important to choose what kind of adjusting mode, which directly affects the realization of maximizing the energy saving effect of the fan. If the relative flow changes little (or the depth of regulation is small), the power consumption of several adjustment modes has little difference. That is to say, the regulation mode has little influence on the energy-saving effect, not only does it not save energy, but also consumes more power because of the existence of the regulating device. Variable speed regulation curve is close to ideal curve. Therefore, the way of variable speed regulation is superior, especially the energy-saving scheme of variable frequency motor speed regulation is the best, but the frequency conversion device needs to be added. It is suggested that the medium and small capacities of VVVF speed regulation should be actively tried out. Because the price of large capacity and high voltage VVF speed regulation device is higher, it should be compared comprehensively according to the specific conditions. Generally speaking, the greater the adjustment depth, the more significant the energy-saving effect. But not all high-pressure it blowercan choose the way with larger adjustment depth, which needs to be decided according to the actual needs of it blowerand places. We can realize the energy-saving effect of controlling it blowerfrom the production and design link, and add the adjustment of users to the energy-saving effect of fans. We believe that the energy-saving effect of it blowercan be very good. The improvement is obvious.