Causes of Noise Generated by side channel blower

 Blower Technology     |      2019-09-16 13:08
side channel blower noise is a kind of noise which makes people feel noisy and boring. Continuous noise will pollute the surrounding environment. With the gradual development of modern mechanization and the extensive use of machinery, noise pollution in urban and rural areas has become increasingly serious. The following are the reasons for the noise generated by the side channel blower:
First, the side channel blower will also produce noise when the blade produces eddy current: during the operation of the fan, the blade will produce eddy current on the back, which will not only reduce the efficiency of the fan, but also produce noise. In order to reduce the occurrence of this phenomenon, the installation angle of the blade should not be too large, and the bending of the blade should be smooth, and the sudden change of the blade should not be too big.
Secondly, the noise of the side channel blower is caused by the blade rotation: when the blade rotates, it will produce friction with the air or impact. The faster the speed, the higher the frequency of air contact, so the more sharp the noise it produces. This phenomenon is more evident when the width or thickness of the blade increases. This phenomenon is more evident when the width or thickness of the blade increases.
Thirdly, the resonance between the side channel blower and the wind pipe shell causes noise: the inner seam of the wind pipe and the wind pipe shell should be smooth to avoid rough and uneven, resulting in tearing sound. Because of the resonance of the connecting pipes, the small sound becomes louder and the noise is greater. Therefore, in the design, the sound-proof material can be covered outside the air duct to reduce noise.
Fourth, noise caused by high-pressure blower: In addition to the fixed noise of the blower itself, there are many noise sources, such as: bearing due to inadequate precision, improper assembly or poor maintenance will cause abnormal noise. Motor parts can also produce noise, some caused by poor design or poor control of manufactured goods, but sometimes caused by internal and external cooling fans of the motor. Gears and belts also cause noise due to friction. Sometimes noise can also be produced due to the imbalance of the body.