Precautions for installation of side channel blower

 Blower Technology     |      2019-09-14 10:25
In the use of side channel blower, the installation of blower matters needing attention?
1. Installation site - - - must be installed in the indoor place not disturbed by wind and rain; 2. Environmental temperature - - - below 40 degrees Celsius;
3. Relative humidity - - - below 80%;
4. Air quality - If the air contains corrosive or flammable gases such as acid and alkali, it should not be conveyed by high-pressure blower to avoid danger.
5. Dust protection - --- There is a lot of dust, powder or fibre should be avoided in such places. If it is necessary to use in such occasions, please install filters, and regularly clean up the dust attached to the filter screen and high-pressure blower.
6. Ventilation and heat dissipation - - - please choose to use in well-ventilated places, not in closed rooms or boxes;
7. Place space - - - for the convenience of maintenance or repair, please avoid installing too narrow place; 8. Avoid vibration - - - please install in non-vibration place; if the vibration of place is unavoidable, anti-vibration measures should be added to avoid damage of side channel blower by external vibration.