Brief analysis of the experience and skills of disassembling

 Blower Technology     |      2019-09-14 09:36
Don't think that it is difficult to install the machine. It is easy to dismantle the machine. For the blower, because it has more components and higher requirements, the disassembly is not a simple matter. In addition, it is not allowed to dismantle the blower in all cases and in all circumstances. Before the disassembly, a person must be responsible for handling the safety inspection permit.
   The disassembly of the components on the high-pressure blower shall be marked and recorded according to the relevant components and corresponding dimensions; when disassembling the fittings, special tools shall be used, and barbaric operations are strictly prohibited, which may damage the parts. Parts that are dismantled on site should be placed neatly, and precision parts should be placed in a special box to avoid loss.
Since some parts are relatively large, lifting is required when disassembling, such as housing, rotor, etc., in order to ensure safety, the safety factor of the rigging to be used is not less than 10; the angular angle of the rigging and parts, and the soft surface of the precision processing surface It is well padded; it must be adjusted to be lifted in a horizontal state and directed by a special person. When the nozzle is removed, it is best to seal it to prevent foreign objects from falling in.