Analysis of temperature problems of vacuum blower

 Blower Technology     |      2019-09-14 09:31
If you use Dereike vacuum blower for the following sites, such as: vacuum adsorption / vacuum lifting / vacuum handling / industrial vacuum / vacuum feeding / waste collection / air knife drying / water treatment aeration / plating mixing / positive pressure delivery, Or similar load occasions
Then you will find that the temperature of our fan will be relatively high, especially the temperature of the surface of the barrel, which may reach 90 to 100 degrees, which is normal.
We only need to confirm whether the temperature of the motor surface is below 70 degrees, and the running current of the motor is not within the current range indicated on the nameplate. As long as these two meet the requirements, the Dereike vacuum blower is normal, please feel free to use it!
In the above application site, the general operation time is about 15 to 40 minutes, and the temperature of the surface of the air drum rises to the above value. The temperature rise time varies according to the pressure used at the site. When it is fully enclosed, it will take about 10 minutes to run. The hand can't be touched on the wind bucket. The temperature is about 80 degrees.
Maybe you have doubts, at such a high temperature, can the Dereike vacuum blower run for a long time? This is no doubt. You can let the Dereike fan run continuously for 24 hours.
Our Dereike high-pressure fan, when operating under this condition, requires the ambient temperature and the inlet air temperature to be between -10 and +50 degrees. The installation site is a well-ventilated general industrial site.