Principle of airblower for Leather Machinery

 Blower Technology     |      2019-09-05 18:15
Lion song airblower is a special equipment for finishing leather. It is controlled by computer and Qigong to realize the process requirement of leather spraying without skin and stop spraying under rotary spraying gun. The sprayed leather is automatically sent to the drying room for drying treatment, and the dryed leather is cooled by cool air to complete the whole process.
Lion song airblower application: Lion song fan composes a purification device, the formation of water curtain filter layer can take away the residual dust in the air, therefore, the exhaust gas is clean. The exhaust volume of the high-pressure fan matches the exhaust volume of the spray chamber. Even if the glass door of the spray chamber is not closed, the dust will not diffuse outwards, so it is an environmental protection product. In addition, the vacuum generated by lion song blower is used in the leather cutting system to firmly fix the leather material on the cutting table to improve work efficiency.