What to pay attention to when checking side channel blowers

2019-08-20 16:24
I. Safety protection measures The equipment should be stopped before the side channel blowers and system are repaired. During the overhaul, the side channel blowers must be de-energized, and all cut-off switches and other control mechanism power switches must be in the “stop” position. Second, the reasons that affect the performance of the system side channel blowers installation is poor; damage in handling or transportation; improper selection of side channel blowers; improper use of German side channel blowers; a variety of reasons for comprehensive impact.
What to pay attention to when checking side channel blowers
  Third, the system inspection procedure When the wind impeller is stopped according to the inertia motion, look at the correct direction of the impeller; to ensure that the wind impeller is in the correct direction of the casing, do not install the reverse; check the airflow surface (air inlet, impeller, blade and The cleanliness of the flow path between the casings, such as the accumulation of thick dust on the surface of the airflow, the performance of the fan will be affected; check for impellers in the impeller blades, flanges or blade discs, and in the inlet or casing , damage, holes, water spots corrosion or rust, if it should be treated in time; Is there any foreign matter, accumulated in the impeller, shell or pipe network? If it should be removed in time;

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