How to choose the turbo blower used in the dryer

 Blower Technology     |      2019-08-20 16:15
As a professional turbo blower manufacturer, Dereike provides high-quality turbo blower supply for the national machinery and equipment business, and provides comprehensive information consultation services on how to choose the high-pressure fan used by the dryer!
The selection method of the dryer fan In the actual drying operation, the selection of the fan mainly involves the following situations:
1. Select the appropriate high pressure fan model for the new drying project;
2. For the existing drying equipment system, due to the requirements of increasing production and other factors, it is necessary to determine the turbo blower transformation plan;
3. The ability to check the high pressure fan when the operating conditions of the high pressure fan change.
turbo blower dry system
High pressure fan used in the dryer
For the first case, the mass flow rate and full head of the high pressure fan are determined mainly based on the production capacity and resistance of the drying equipment system. For a single high pressure fan system, the full pressure of the high pressure fan should be greater than the system resistance. In the case of two turbo blower systems, the sum of the total pressures of the two high-pressure fans should be greater than the resistance of the system. The high-pressure fan is selected, and it is generally determined according to the curve of the high-pressure fan which type of high-pressure fan can well meet the operating conditions required by the drying equipment system, so that the high-pressure fan has the highest production efficiency.
For the second case, it is generally required to determine the range of air volume variation according to the actual needs of the production, and then determine theturbo blower transformation plan.
In the third case, when the air temperature at the high pressure fan of the dryer changes, especially when the actual temperature is lower than the design temperature, the motor may be overloaded and may burn the motor in severe cases.