vacuum pump drying equipment

2019-08-09 18:37
vacuum pump is the power source for conveying drying medium, so it has become an indispensable and important part of drying equipment system, and there are two different arrangements of vacuum pump here, the use effect and application range are also different, high-pressure fan in drying system is more common distribution. The installation mode is a combination mode of single induced draft fan and double blower-induced draft fan. In the former form, a single induced draft fan is placed after the dust recovery device, so that the drying equipment is operated under negative pressure.
The advantage of this drying system is that dust and harmful gas will not leak into the atmosphere. However, due to the high negative pressure in drying equipment, frequent start-up and stop of vacuum pump and other reasons, local instability in the tower and leakage of external air into the dryer will occur. Therefore, the single induction mode is only suitable for small drying system. 。  For some large-scale drying equipment, two fans are needed, one as a blower and the other as an induced draft fan. This system has great flexibility. It can be operated under micro-negative pressure close to atmospheric pressure by adjusting the distribution of pipeline pressure and improving the operating conditions of the dryer. When high-pressure fan is used in drying equipment in this way, it not only takes into account the advantages of negative pressure operation, but also avoids the shortcomings of air leakage into the system due to large negative pressure operation, which reduces the drying efficiency. At the same time, micro-negative pressure operation can ensure the highest recovery rate of dust recovery device.

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