What are the reasons for too little wind power in blower

 Blower Technology     |      2019-08-02 18:54

1. Reasons: excessive system resistance and improper selection of blower
Solution: Re-evaluation and re-selection of system design
2. Reasons: Air leakage or blockage of sundries in air ducts of the system
Solution: plugging or cleaning
3. Reason: Impeller steering error
Solution: correct steering: two-phase power line position of arbitrary switching motor
4. Reasons: The opening angle of the adjusting door is too small
Solution: Adjustment
5. Reasons: Increased density of conveying gas (too many solid impurities in gas or too low gas temperature, etc.)
Solution: Eliminate the cause of gas density increase
6. Reasons: Slipping of triangular belt reduces rotational speed
Solution: Adjust belt tension
7. Reasons: Excessive clearance between impeller and intake or serious wear of blade
Solution: repair, replacement,